Goal Tracker: Justify

Justify your solution by completing the Key Business Proposition, to show that it can be the foundation of a viable business, and the Technical Brief, to demonstrate all the thought and research that went into your design.

Develop Your Key Business Proposition

Use Business Model Types to explain how your solution creates value for customers. Use Key Business Proposition (or this Word doc version) to help you work through this and answer the following questions: Who are your customers? Why do they need your design? How does your solution enhance what customers like about their situation and fix what they dislike? What type of business model will you use for your product?

Complete Your Technical Brief

Keep track of how your group developed your product. Use the Goal Tracker Technical Brief ( or this Word Doc version) to reflect on your process, report on other ideas you considered, and discuss the mathematics and science you used while conducting research. Also, the Technical Brief is where you will describe the specifics of your solution and justify why and how it works. You can use the Goal Tracker Technical Brief Rubric (or this Word Doc version) to make sure you’ve met all requirements for your solution.

Think About It

How might the Key Business Proposition (KBP) influence the design of your solution?

How might you incorporate pieces of the Key Business Proposition and Technical Brief in your final pitch?