Goal Tracker: Launch

Read your Challenge Statement and watch your Challenge Champion’s Set the Stage video. Be sure you have a clear understanding of the problem.

Then do some research to identify and understand the users – the people or organizations who need a good solution to this problem. What do users need in a solution? Why? What’s wrong with the solutions they have now?

Setting the Stage with Your Challenge Champion

Challenge Champion Sofia Pyrgioti explains your Challenge: Goal Tracker.

Challenge Scenario

Everyone has something they want to change about the world. Maybe it’s helping businesses become more sustainable, build safer working environments, or become more socially responsible. Maybe it’s helping people create new habits, change old habits, or learn new skills. But these types of changes are hard. Even the smallest setbacks can lead many to quit. Businesses and people are more likely to make positive changes if they are supported and have the tools to hold themselves accountable.  If lasting change is the goal, people must believe change is possible and have opportunities to celebrate progress.

Recently, entrepreneurs have begun designing products that support users to make positive and lasting change. These products give users feedback that helps them monitor progress towards their goals through functions that convert  their behavioral information into visuals that are easily understood. Some tech companies have created fitness trackers that motivate users by displaying progress towards their daily goals by filling in colorful images. Other companies have helped businesses become more sustainable by measuring and publicly displaying their progress on their website using engaging visuals.

Unfortunately, these products and initiatives can sometimes make change seem too easy or progress seem impossible. Sometimes the visualizations they use are too boring or hard to interpret. This provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs to design new products that inspire long-lasting change through innovative visuals that demonstrate gradual progress.

Challenge Statement

Your challenge is to design a business that helps users change unwanted behaviors or develop new healthy habits through tracking and visualizing their progress. Your solution should:

  • Address a behavior or habit. Describe what a user will be working to change and how they will know that they are making progress towards that change.
  • Visualize progress. Provide a picture or animation that will allow users to visualize their  gradual progress towards their goals. Be sure to avoid the type of all-or-nothing thinking that can cause more harm than good.
  • Build a function. Create a function that translates a user’s progress in their behavior to the changes that are seen in the picture or animation.
    • Describe how the behavior will be measured.
    • Show how changes in those measures will be calculated and will appear in your animation.

Meet the Challenge Champion

Learn more about Challenge Champion Sofia Pyrgioti.

Think About It

What ideas do you have for your solution?

What information do you need to create a viable solution for your target consumers?