Tips from your Challenge Champion


Oscar Ekponimo is the founder and CEO of Chowberry. Watch this video to learn what experts like Oscar think is important to consider when developing a socially conscious food business.


Helpful Resources on Food and Marketing

Explore factors that can affect the success of your solution.

Understanding Food Waste:

  • What is “ugly” food? We waste a lot of food that is safe to eat because it’s “ugly.” Below are several examples of ugly fruits and vegetables.

Beneath the bruises - A new market for old and ugly fruit and ...  Ugly Fruits and Veggies ~ Grow Appalachia

Marketing Ugly Foods: Use these resources to learn how some companies are marketing ugly foods to reduce food waste.

Using Sliding Price Scales: Use these resources to learn how companies, like farms, grocery stores, and restaurants, are using sliding price scales to tackle food waste. Be careful; these examples use sliding price scales to get more customers, which may or may not reduce food waste.

Steps for Building a Sliding Price Scale:

  1. Conducting Market Research
  2. Building Your Sliding Price Scale
  3. Showing How Your Sliding Price Scale Works