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Kelsy Dominick is a designer and CEO of DiDomenico Design. Watch this video to learn what experts like Kelsy think is important to consider when designing and using technology.






Helpful Resources on Technology and Fashion

Explore these resources to learn more about using programmable LEDs in fashion.

How Do LEDs Work?

Use this resource to learn more about LED lights and how they can be used in fashion. Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs)

Pixel Art

LED designs are a lot like pixel art. This pixel art resource will help you plan your designs. Each “pixel” will be replaced by an LED light. More pixels means more LED lights. Pixel Art Activities

Using LEDs in Clothing

Use this resource to learn about one way individual LED lights can be used to add flare to your clothes. Sewing Electronics: Wearables that Light Up

Programming LEDs

Use this resource to learn about using grids to program LED lights. This resource uses a 4×4 grid. Your designs should use a 10×10 grid or larger. Introduction to Coordinate Grids

Use this resource to program your LED designs. Scratch – Imagine, Program, Share

Ideas to Get You Thinking

LEDs in Sports: Use this resource to learn how the National Basketball Association (NBA) is looking to make player jerseys customizable. NBA shows off concept jersey that lets fans change its name and number

LEDs for Safety: Use this resource to learn how companies are using programmable LEDs to make it safer for people to run or bicycle at night. Lumenus – Technologically enhanced clothing and gear

LEDs in Fashion: Use this resource to learn how fashion designers are using programmable LEDs to change innovate in fashion. Threading the Needle: Fostering Student Success Through Making

Math Resources and Tools

Coordinate Plane

Many programming tools are based on the coordinate plane. Use this resource to learn more about the coordinate plane. Coordinate Plane

Geometric Transformations

Geometric transformations can bring an LED design to life. Use this resource to learn about some helpful geometric transformations. Geometric Transformations

Tech Tools

Technology can help you visualize and demonstrate the transformations you use in your Flashy Fashion solution. One free tech tool that you can use is called GeoGebra. If you have never done transformations on GeoGebra before, you can use this guide to learn how to do it.