Tips From Your Challenge Champion


Clifford Okoth Owino is the founder and CEO of Chemolex. Watch this video to learn what experts like Clifford think is important to consider when creating sustainable solutions to environmental issues and consumer needs.



Helpful Resources on Pollution and Sustainability

Explore these resources to learn more about plastic liquid containers and their alternatives.

The Problem with Plastics: People use and throw away a lot of plastic products. In America alone, we throw away 1,500 plastic water bottles every second. Use these resources to learn more about the amount of plastic we use and how those plastics are hurting the environment.

A Better Liquid Container: Use these resources to help you plan the specifics of your company, including what material to use for your containers and how to package and ship your product.

  • New Materials: Use this resource to learn about some of the new materials scientists are inventing to replace plastics. 13 Plastic Packaging Alternatives
  • Selecting Your Product: Water bottles are not the only plastic liquid container damaging our environment. There are many products that could use better containers, such as cleaning products, reusable cups, and personal care items.
  • Packaging Your Product: Use this resource to learn how a company reimagined how to package water. Is Boxed Water Actually Better?
  • Comparing Your Product to Plastic: Plastic is cheap, light, and convenient. To replace plastic, you will need to convince investors that your product is better. How you define better, will be up to you. Is it lighter? Can you ship more of it? Does it take less time to decompose? Is it cheaper to make? Will it save consumers money over time? Be creative and make your case!

Tech Tools

Technology can be a useful tool in many challenges. As you are designing your solution for Pollution Solution, you might consider using TinkerCAD to help you design your sketch. Read the How To Use TinkerCAD Tutorials guide and visit the Tech Tools page to learn more about TinkerCAD.