Navigating Networks: Research

Design a solution to your problem. Research and brainstorm possible solutions to the problem. Be creative and daring. Your first idea doesn’t have to be perfect.


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Helpful Resources

Explore these digital resources to learn more about the factors that can influence and guide the design of your product.

Understand the Problem

How can weighted graphs and weighted networks help solve problems?

A weighted graph is a graph that has weights assigned to each edge based on some underlying characteristic. A weighted graph that is connected is called a weighted network. Use these resources to learn about how weighted graphs and weighted networks can be used to solve problems. 


What factors do professionals consider when working with networks?

Use these resources to learn about the factors professionals consider when optimizing a network. As you read, think about how you could turn these factors into edge weights.  

  • Delivery Planning: Factors companies consider when planning delivery routes 
  • Snow Plow Planning: Factors one county uses to decide which roads to clear first following a winter storm 
  • Highway Design: Factors a state government considers when designing and building a new highway as part of a transportation network.

Ways scientists and entrepreneurs are currently addressing the problem

What are some examples of situations that can be modeled using weighted networks?

Use these resources to learn about situations that involve networks and to get some ideas for your business. 

Business Models

Technical tools needed for a solution

What mathematical and technological tools can I use to address the Challenge?

  • CS Academy is a free web-based tool that allows users to build graphs and label nodes and edges. 
    • CS Academy How To Guide– Use this resource to learn how to use CS Academy to build a graph that models your weighted network. 


  • Google Sheets is a free web-based spreadsheet tool that you can use to automate your calculations. 

Math Resources

Use this resource to learn how to build weighted networks to model a situation. 

Think About It


After reading through the helpful resources, what ideas do you have for your solution?

What problem will you solve with your business solution?