Negate Noise: Prototype

Prototype your solution to test it and demonstrate that it will solve the problem. Your prototype can be a sketch or a 3D model that explains your solution. Test your design and get feedback, then make it better based on what you learn.

Math Resources

Building a Noise Canceling Solution

How does sound travel?

To build a noise canceling solution, it is important to first understand how sound travels. Use these resources to learn more about the science of sound.

What mathematical and technological tools can I use to address the Challenge?

Use this math resource to learn how trigonometric functions can help you design and prototype your noise canceling solution. 

Technology Tools

The following resources can help you build a prototype of your solution. The usage of the resources is not required to complete the challenge.

These technology tools will help you find the information you need to design your noise canceling solution.  

  • Youlean provides an online loudness meter that allows you to detect the decibels of any noise that your computer microphone picks up. Just play your noise near your computer, or a video of your noise on your computer, and write down what the meter shows!
  • Academo provides an oscilloscope for easy recording of sounds. Oscilloscopes are used to measure frequency of sounds, and this tool will provide you with a graphical representation of the sound wave to analyze for frequency. Scroll down the page to view descriptions below that will help you interpret the graph.

Think About It

What did you learn about your idea by prototyping it?

How does your prototype create value for your consumers?