Negate Noise: Launch

Read your Challenge Statement and watch your Challenge Champion’s Set the Stage video. Be sure you have a clear understanding of the problem.

Then do some research to identify and understand the users – the people or organizations who need a good solution to this problem. What do users need in a solution? Why? What’s wrong with the solutions they have now?

Setting the Stage with Your Challenge Champion

Challenge Champion Dr. Antony Joseph explains your Challenge: Negate Noise.


Challenge Scenario

Millions of people around the world are continually bombarded with noise pollution, from a variety of sources, such as traffic, construction equipment, vacuum cleaners, and sirens. Although these noises often provide helpful information about the world, constant exposure to this invisible noise pollution can lead to multiple negative health outcomes. These include increased incidence of hearing loss, stress, cardiovascular diseases and psychological problems. Broadening the health consequences of noise pollution, certain noises can also trigger intense, negative emotional and physical experiences. These experiences may make some social, school, and work-related activities inaccessible.

Recently, scientists have used their understanding of sound waves to invent new technologies that can make the world more accessible by helping people cope with the harmful effects of noise pollution and re-engage with a noisy world. One such innovation is Active Noise Canceling (ANC) technology, which uses the science of sound to alter the shape and amount of sound waves that enter our ears. It is likely that you are familiar with ANC’s use in noise canceling headphones. However, noise canceling headphones are just one application of this technology. In this challenge, you will need to find an innovative way to apply ANC to make the world more accessible.

Challenge Statement

Your challenge is to invent a product that harnesses active noise canceling (ANC) technology to reduce noise pollution and make the world more accessible.

Your solution should:

  • Use ANC technology. Describe the noise that is being canceled and the various components of that sound wave. Model a sound wave that could be used to cancel out this specific noise.
  • Work for various sound waves. Show how your device will work when the frequency and/or amplitude changes. 
  • Minimize undesirable impacts on the user. Describe how your solution serves the needs of your targeted user without creating a different set of undesirable outcomes.

Meet the Challenge Champion

Challenge Champion Dr. Antony Joseph describes his background and pathway to becoming an audiologist.


Think About It

What ideas do you have for your solution?

What information do you need to create a viable solution for your target consumers?