Tips from your Challenge Champion

Cathy Yee is the CEO and founder of Incluvie, a business that relies on algorithms for its success. Watch this video to learn what experts like Cathy think is important to consider when dealing with algorithms.




Helpful Resources on Algorithms

Explore these resources to learn more about building algorithms and designing your business.

Finding Categories

Algorithms can be used to rate or rank almost anything. All you need are data that can be represented numerically. Explore these examples to get you started. Remember, you should pick something that 1) is important to you, and 2) can be the foundation of a business.

Ratings based on user input:

Ratings that are not based on user input:

Rankings based on user input:

Rankings that are not based on user input:

Math Resources and Tools

Ratings, Rankings, and Weighted Categories: 

Use this resource to learn about ranking and rating algorithms, weighted categories, and spreadsheets: Building Algorithms – Spreadsheet Resource