Tips from your Challenge Champion

Gitanjali Rao is an inventor and STEM promoter. Watch this video to learn what experts like Gitanjali think is important to consider when tackling your community’s issues.






Helpful Resources on Identifying Problems and Building Solutions

Explore these resources to learn more about identifying problems and building solutions.

Identifying Problems

Global Problems: Use these resources to learn about the big problems facing the world. These problems are too big to solve with one product, but this is a good place to start. UN Sustainable Development Goals or Ideas for Student Action

Your Community: We are all members of several communities, including your geographic communities (like cities and neighborhoods), your cultural communities (like family, gender, and ethnicity), and communities of people who share your interests (like school clubs, fan groups, or sports teams).

Ideas to Get Started: Use these resources to learn about how students like you have tackled important social problems: Do Something and Design for Change .

Building Solutions

The Design Process: Use this resource to learn about the design process and how it can help you build your solution: Kid Engineer: Bike Trailer

3D Printing: Use this resource to learn more about 3D printing: What is 3D Printing?

Packaging your Product for Shipping

Designing Your Shipping Container: Use this resource to learn more about designing a package for shipping your product: Functions of packaging

Math Resources and Tools

Planning How Much Material to Use: Use this resource to learn more about using nets to find the surface area of your shipping container: Surface Area and Nets

Tech Tools

Technology can be a useful tool in many challenges. As you are designing your solution for Fix It, you might consider using TinkerCAD to help you design your sketch. Read the How To Use TinkerCAD Tutorials guide and visit the Tech Tools page to learn more about TinkerCAD.