Goal Tracker: Prototype

Prototype your solution to test it and demonstrate that it will solve the problem. Your prototype can be a sketch or a virtual model that explains your solution. Test your design and get feedback, then make it better based on what you learn.

Math Resource

Use this Desmos resource to learn how to build functions that can be used to program animations. Before you can engage with this resource, your teacher will need to assign it to you.

Technology Tools

The following resources can help you build a prototype of your solution. 

  • Desmos is a free online calculator that allows you to create graphical representations of your functions. Use the Desmos Functions Guide to explore tips for producing graphs of functions. 
  • Canva is free graphic design software that allows you to use a storyboard to create a prototype of your innovative graphic. Be sure to include your function in your storyboard to describe how your animation will show a user’s progress.

Think About It

What did you learn about your idea by prototyping it?

How does your prototype create value for your consumers?