Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose: Research

Design a solution to your problem. Research and brainstorm possible solutions to the problem. Be creative and daring. Your first idea doesn’t have to be perfect.

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Challenge Champion Brandi Harleaux explains the concept of a closed-loop economy and how it helps the environment.

Helpful Resources

Explore these resources to learn more about how waste affects us, how entrepreneurs are beginning to chip away at the problem through circular design, and how you can use mathematics to build your solution. 

Understand the problem

Why is waste a problem and for whom?

Ways scientists and entrepreneurs are currently addressing the problem


Circular Economy

Business Models

Math Resources

Use the following resources to learn or review key mathematics concepts that are essential for building your solution. 

Think About It


After reading through the helpful resources, what ideas do you have for your solution?

What problem will you solve with your business solution?