Design & Pitch Challenges in STEM

You have great ideas for how to make the world a better place. The Design & Pitch Challenges in STEM are your chance to start turning those ideas into a reality.

In these Challenges, you will need to think like an entrepreneur as you create real solutions to messy STEM problems. You will need to use your knowledge and expertise in creative ways to invent new products that meet customers’ needs. You will need to be able to recognize when you need to learn something new about STEM, your customers, or the situation, and be willing to work to learn it.

But entrepreneurship is not just about building great solutions. At the end of each Challenge, you will need to convince a panel of judges that your solution is worth funding in a process called “making a pitch.” Be clear and be convincing. The world needs your ideas.

Entrepreneurship Framework

Through interviews with entrepreneurial mentors and rich challenges introduced by STEM professionals, you will experience the world of entrepreneurship as you deepen your STEM knowledge and hone your skills. You will participate in authentic entrepreneurial processes (e.g., problem solving, prototyping, and pitching) and develop characteristics (e.g., creativity, courage, and persistence) essential for success as an entrepreneur, STEM professional, or as a student of nearly any subject.