Tips from your Challenge Champion


Cardell Patillo is the Executive Director of Head Start in Virginia Beach. Watch this video to learn what experts like Cardell think is important to consider to help people stop phubbing and connect face-to-face.



Helpful Resources on Technology and Social Interactions

These resources provide background information on phubbing that will help you build your app.

The Dangers of Phubbing:

Apps that Help People Manage Their Smartphone Use:

Building and Designing Your App:

  • Use this resource to learn about the steps involved in building and designing an app.
    How to Make an App

Turning Your App into a Business:

Tech Tools

Technology can be a useful tool in many challenges. As you are designing your solution for Keep it Real, you might consider using Datawrapper to help you design your data visualization. Read the How to use Datawrapper guide to learn more about this tool. This information is also listed on the Tech Tools page.