Routes Reimagined: Research

Design a solution to your problem. Research and brainstorm possible solutions to the problem. Be creative and daring. Your first idea doesn’t have to be perfect.

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Challenge Champion Alison DeGraff Ollivierre describes her background and pathway to becoming an award-winning cartographer and certified GIS professional (GISP).

Helpful Resources

Explore these digital resources to learn more about the factors that can influence and guide the design of your product.

Understand the Problem

What are some problems that navigation apps could help address with the right criteria? 

The following resources represent a few of the many problems navigation apps could help address. Be creative and find a problem that matters to you. 

Ways scientists and entrepreneurs are currently addressing the problem

What are the advantages and limitations of the navigation apps that are in the market now?

Use these links to learn about some current navigation apps, the information they provide, and the criteria they allow users to choose from.

  • Top Free Navigation Apps, a list of the pros and cons of 20 free navigation and traffic apps.
  • Blind Square, a navigation app designed for people with visual impairment.
  • Just Ahead, a navigation app paired with an audio tour guide. 

What technologies are available to use in navigation apps?

  • Many apps use GPS to help users navigate from place to place. Use this resource to learn more about how GPS works and to decide whether it would be a good option for your app.  
  • Some apps, such as Waze, incorporate crowdsourcing to find routes that meet travel criteria, such as finding the shortest or fastest route. Use this resource to learn more about crowdsourcing and to decide whether it would be a good option for your app.  
  • Use this resource to learn more about the importance of protecting privacy when building navigation apps. 

Business Models

Math Resource

Use this resource to learn how to calculate distance, travel time, and estimated time of arrival using linear functions. 

Think About It


After reading through the helpful resources, what ideas do you have for your solution?

What problem will you solve with your business solution?