Negate Noise: Research

Design a solution to your problem. Research and brainstorm possible solutions to the problem. Be creative and daring. Your first idea doesn’t have to be perfect.

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Challenge Champion Dr. Antony Joseph explains how noise affects people, problems that can arise, and how noise pollution can be mitigated to improve quality of life.

Helpful Resources

Explore these digital resources to learn more about the factors that can influence and guide the design of your product.

Understand the Problem

What is noise pollution?

Why is noise pollution a problem?

Ways scientists and entrepreneurs are currently addressing the problem

What can we do about noise?

Entrepreneurs and researchers have been working to combat noise pollution using Active Noise Canceling (ANC) Technology and many solutions already exist. Use these resources to see what technologies already exist and to position your company in the market. 

Business Models

Math Resources

Building a Noise Canceling Solution

How does sound travel?

To build a noise canceling solution, it is important to first understand how sound travels. Use these resources to learn more about the science of sound.

What mathematical and technological tools can I use to address the Challenge?

Use this math resource to learn how trigonometric functions can help you design and prototype your noise canceling solution. 

Think About It


After reading through the helpful resources, what ideas do you have for your solution?

What problem will you solve with your business solution?