Backed By Data: Prototype

Prototype your solution to test it and demonstrate that it will solve the problem. Your prototype can be a sketch, an animation, or a 3D model that explains your solution. Test your design and get feedback, then make it better based on what you learn.

Math Resource

The Telling your Data Story document will help you focus your statistical investigation and tell compelling stories that are backed by data. 

Technology Tools

The following resources can help you build a prototype of your solution. 

  • Datawrapper is a free tool that allows you to create a variety of visualizations for your data. In addition, it will help you combine variables to create a new perspective on your story.
    • Using Datawrapper: This tutorial will help you become familiar with how to use the tool.  
    • Combining Variables: You can use this tutorial to understand how to create a new variable for your data. 
  • Canva is free graphic design software that allows you to create engaging and visually appealing posts for your brand. 

Think About It

What did you learn about your idea by prototyping it?

How does your prototype create value for your consumers?