For an overview of the nine challenges, peruse the following document.

Overview of the Challenges

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Challenge Champions

Each challenge has a challenge champion associated with it to introduce your challenge and provide you with some background information that you can use as you build your solution. These champions come from a variety of backgrounds and serve in a variety of roles across the globe. Some are CEOs, some are engineers, some are kids just like you, but all are entrepreneurs. One of our challenge champions, Gitanjali Rao, was named Time’s Kid of the Year in 2020. You can read more about Gitanjali and her accomplishments here.

You will meet the challenge champions throughout each challenge, but you can find a brief overview of them in the Overview of the Challenges document.

Challenges for Middle School

Design & Pitch Challenges in STEM

In these Challenges, you will need to think like an entrepreneur as you create real solutions to messy STEM problems. You will need to use your knowledge and expertise in creative ways to invent new products that meet customers’ needs. You will need to be able to recognize when you need to learn something new about STEM, your customers, or the situation, and be willing to work to learn it.

But entrepreneurship is not just about building great solutions. At the end of each Challenge, you will need to convince a panel of judges that your solution is worth funding in a process called “making a pitch.” Be clear and be convincing. The world needs your ideas.