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Building Knowledge and Language through Inquiry (KLI)

Funding Agency: Institute of Education Sciences (IES), U.S. Department of Education
Dennis Davis (PI), Jackie Relyea (Co-PI), Becky Huang (Co-PI)

Building Knowledge and Language through Inquiry (KLI)

iWolfpack Readers

Funding Agency: NC State Office of Outreach and Engagement
Jackie Relyea (PI), Dennis Davis (Co-PI)

Mr. and Mrs. Wuf show their school spirit on main campus. Photo by Marc Hall

Yadkin-Wolfpack Literacy Partnership (YWLP) project

Funding Agency: Mebane Charitable Foundation
Dennis Davis (PI), Jackie Relyea (Co-PI)

Co-development of Reading Ability and Science Knowledge

Funding Agency: American Educational Research Association (AERA) and National Science Foundation (NSF)
Jackie Relyea (PI)

Cultivating Literacy, Inquiry, and Content Knowledge (CLICK)

Funding Agency: NC State Research Development Office
Jackie Relyea (PI), Dennis Davis (Co-PI)