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The Literacy Space

The Literacy Space is a collection of projects and initiatives in literacy education at the NC State University College of Education.

The Literacy Space serves as an intellectual hub that aims to undertake, disseminate, and apply rigorous research and innovation to support the implementation of evidence-based practices in literacy for K-6 students from diverse economic, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds.

Our Mission

The Literacy Space is committed to translating rigorous research into effective practice to:

  • Facilitate innovative professional learning opportunities for literacy educators;
  • Provide children with meaningful literacy learning opportunities through individualized  tutoring services;
  • Improve students’ reading and writing by developing and applying instructional strategies, curricula, and intervention models;
  • Build and sustain the positive and engaged school, family, and community partnerships; and
  • Engage in leadership development and mentoring activities to support researchers, policymakers, and educational stakeholders to benefit students’ literacy development.

Principal Investigators