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NCCU Counselor Education Clinic Lead by Dr. Helen Lupton-Smith Awarded $200K from BCBS

NCCU received a $200K award from BCBS, under the direction of Dr. Helen Lupton-Smith, to develop the NCCU’s Eagle Counseling, Consultation and Research Clinic (ECCRC). The ECCRC expands the work that Dr. Helen Lupton-Smith helped to start at CCERC in 2016. Dr. Helen Lupton-Smith is leading the ECCRC that supports our vision to share, adapt, and implement the model in other places that could use it.

We are also very proud that Malaika Edwards (in the Linked in video), our current counselor education doctoral candidate and former CCERC doctoral student center coordinator, is now the clinical coordinator for the ECCRC. We are overjoyed for Helen, Malaika, and the NCCU Counselor Education program! Congratulations.