NC State
The Literacy Space

The Literacy Space is a collaboration of faculty and graduate students in the Literacy and English Language Arts (LELA) PhD program and the New Literacies and Global Learning (NLGL) M.Ed. program in the College of Education.

Dennis Davis, PhD

Dennis is an Associate Professor of Literacy Education in the Teacher Education and Learning Sciences Department. He is a former elementary teacher who has worked primarily with multilingual children and families in south Texas. He was formerly on the faculty of the University of Texas at San Antonio. His research focuses on reading comprehension instruction, particularly for children who find reading difficult in school. In addition to directing the Literacy Space, he teaches courses on reading methods and theory and serves as co-editor of Journal of Literacy Research. Learn more on Dennis’ faculty page.

Jill Jones, PhD

Jill recently completed her doctoral studies in Literacy and English Language Arts at NC State. She is a former elementary teacher, literacy specialist, and coach. She conducts research on teacher scaffolding during reading instruction and works with prospective teachers to improve their knowledge and practices of effective literacy instruction.

Nermin Vehabovic

Nermin is a PhD student in Literacy and English Language Arts (LELA) at NC State. He is a former ESL teacher. His research focuses on  supporting multilingual children for literacy success. As part of his doctoral fellowship, he assists Dennis in designing and organizing the programs offered at the Literacy Space.

Robyn DeIaco

Robyn currently teaches high school students while pursuing a PhD in Literacy and English Language Arts at NC State. She is interested in understanding how to support reading comprehension development in secondary students.

Janet Kim Boone

Janet is a PhD student in Literacy and English Language Arts. She is a former special education teacher. Janet’s research focuses on teacher learning and development in early literacy interventions, particularly in rural, high-need schools. In her doctoral fellowship, she serves on the leadership team for an early literacy teacher induction program and co-instructs primary grade reading methods courses.